We are a team of organizational consultants and executive coaches with a broad and deep level of international experience across industries.

In a world of increasing complexity, globalization, and organizations full of people with great talents, knowledge and skills, the need for premium professional advisors augments all over the globe.

We are passionate about making a transcendental difference in your business, supporting you in your evolution and development.

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Coaching Quotations

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life." -- Chicago Tribune

"Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part nag -- the personal coach seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body."
-- Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune

"Once reserved for executives and professional athletes, personal coaches ... are going mainstream." --Christian Science Monitor

"Got a nagging feeling that your life could be more fulfilling? Want to change direction but aren't sure how to do it? Here's how to jump start your new life today ... Hire a personal coach."
--Modern Maturity

"Increasingly, nonprofit executives and managers are finding coaches a terrific sounding board and source of help in a demanding and complex job." --
Nonprofit World

An Ethics Resource Center study found that 90% of employees value leaders with integrity as highly as they value income.
The Manchester survey of 140 companies shows nine in 10 executives believe coaching to be worth their time and dollars. The average return was more than $5 for each $1 spent.
The Denver Post

"Coaching is the number two growth industry right behind IT (Information Technology) jobs, and it's the number one home-based profession." --
Starts--Up Magazine

"If ever stressed out corporate America could use a little couch-time, it's now. Trust in big companies is at an all-time low. Baby-boomers have been burned; Gen Xers aren't expecting the Corporation to take care of them. Under the circumstances, employees are much likelier to go outside and get independent advice to help them be better managers. --
Karen Cates, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management

"Between 25 percent and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches." --
Recent survey by The Hay Group, International

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable." --
John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.





Our areas of expertise include:


  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Leading and managing change and renewal
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Multi-cultural organizational development
  • Team Development
  • Small and large scale facilitation processes
  • Speaking engagements


There is growing interest in coaching today,because we live in a world of increasing complexity and continuos change. Stability in such an environment comes from being anchored by a clear purpose and engaged in authentic expresions of who we are. The work of coaching is to help define how to link the inner world of our purpose with the outer world where we express our variuos roles - careerist, parent, friend, team-member and community citizen.

Frederic Hudson, The Hudson Institute.