Organizational Development

We live in dynamics times.  Our goal is to help you leverage culture to drive your strategy and achieve new levels of performance and wholesome
results. We can help your organization leverage its unique culture, talents and strengths.  By design, align organizational culture with strategy as a
powerful means for gaining competitive advantage and industry leadership.

These complex times require new kinds of conversations with groups of leaders and employees to set a path for shaping culture for future needs. We bring deep understanding about how organizational culture operates to those
conversations, diagnosing how it nourishes organizational health and accelerates strategy or debilitate it through 'culture drag'.

Organizational culture assessment and change work is complex and we are honored to work with organizations, big and small, who want to develop a focused, practical path to culture fit to strategy.

 Engaging organizational teams in exploring organizational culture, its developmental needs, and execution of targeted actions to better align it
for future success can result in:

·          A High engagement work environment that attracts, motivates and retains top talent.

·          Higher productivity by eliminating 'culture drag' that impedes group

·          Building new capacities for adapting to external changes and emerging as a
stronger player

·          Development of best organizational practices and behaviors that create
competitive advantage

·          A safe environment for employees to feel free to talk about what they are

·          Improved change management and execution of plans for superior results.





Our areas of expertise include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Leaching and managing change and renewal
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Multi-cultural organizational development
  • Team Development
  • Small and large scale facilitation processes
  • Speaking engagements


Bob Nardelli (CEO of Home Depot) believes that without a coach, people "will NEVER reach their maximum capabilities".