President & CEO
Leadership Coaching International, Inc.
Seattle, WA
Tel (360) 481-0133

Jorge is the founder and CEO of Leadership Coaching International, Inc. an entity focused on Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Executive coaching and training. Jorge has over 18 years experience in leadership development, executive coaching, team development, training, strategic & tactical management, multi-cultural development, and organizational change management with national and international corporations. Jorge works with clients to identify possibilities and business opportunities, developing preferred future scenarios and action strategies designed to promote leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Jorge is a passionate, people-driven professional who believes in and helps leaders leverage their talents and abilities to produce meaningful work and a fulfilling work life. He leverages his values in leadership, faith, relationships, authenticity, transformational learning, integrity, and creativity to coach leaders and managers across industries, facilitate leadership development programs and help organizations create cross-cultural understanding.

Training and Development

Today, he coaches in sectors such as agriculture, aviation, biotech, communications, energy, higher education, leadership development, nutrition, pharma, world relief and development. Jorge received his Agronomo degree from the Pan-American School of Agriculture (
Zamorano) in Honduras, his B.S. and M.S. in Ag Business Management from Kansas State University, and his leadership coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, CA. Before launching LCI, Inc. in 2001, he worked in the feed and pharmaceutical industries in the U.S. and abroad. Over the years Jorge has continued his development by participating in multiple professional development and certification programs. He is a member of the International Coach Federation and the International Organizational Development Association. He is an associate coach of Avatar Resources and the Global Coaching Alliance.

Jorge is originally from Guatemala and coaches, trains, facilitates and consults globally, including organizations in the Unites States, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Argentina, Finland, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Thailand, Spain, and Bolivia. Jorge consults, trains and coaches for English and Spanish speaking clients