Executive Coach / Business Consultant
President and Founder
Your Looking Glass

Blanca L. Vergara, MBA, is a highly respected executive coach and business consultant. For the past fifteen years, Blanca has committed her passion for innovation and change management to the support of managers and high achieving professionals. Companies that have benefited from Blanca’s professional support include start-ups, large multinationals and European institutions and belong to the IT industry, aerospace and banking.

After experiencing personal loss and stepping away from an unfulfilling corporate career, Blanca took time to reflect on her life path. She soon realized that her entrepreneurial spirit, management experience and business background could be perfectly combined with her appreciation of personal and self-expression. This vision has become Your Looking Glass.

Originally from Mexico, Blanca has lived in the Netherlands for over ten years and speaks fluent English, Dutch and Spanish. This unique perspective allows her to properly identify the challenges faced by expat executives living abroad and locals working within a multicultural society. By being fully present for her clients and honouring their process, Blanca guides them towards attaining authentic wealth – a balanced life of genuine professional joy and personal satisfaction.

Blanca uses her free time to nurture her creative self through painting, nourishing the souls of other with homemade food, expanding her world vision by travelling and forging her own path through daily running.

Blanca is a frequent speaker on topics including personal and professional development, women, leadership and living with meaning.